Singapore Math Inc., Essential Math Kindergarten B, Paperback, 158 Pages, Grade K

  • Brand: Singapore Math Inc.

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Start your grade K student off with Singapore Math® Essential Math Kindergarten B Kids learn skills such as addition, subtraction, counting on, time, even, odd, and more. Notes for the parent or teacher are at the bottom of each page outlining the concept, a brief introduction, and follow-up activity to further enhance learning.
Visual exercises give your student hands-on STEM learning. Simple black and white pages with fun graphics engage your child. Perforated pages make it easy to tear each one out and give to your child to complete. This 158-page workbook is divided into 16 units. Each lesson consists of one front-back page.
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  • - Singapore Math®, Essential Math Kindergarten B, Student Workbook
  • - Notes for teacher at the bottom of each page
  • - Black and white with graphics
  • - 158 perforated pages divided into 16 units
  • - One lesson is a front-back page
  • - One semester Grade K in homeschool, classroom, co-op, tutoring

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