Singapore Math, Primary Math Level 1A Home Instructors Guide for U.S. and 3rd Ed, Grades 1-2

  • Publisher: Singapore Math Inc.

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Part of the Singapore math method, the Home Instructor Guides were created specifically to give homeschoolers a teacher's guide that works in an individualized environment. Work on explaining concepts as you bridge the gap between the textbook and workbook with unit concepts, pages to reference, numerous reinforcement and practice exercises and detailed solutions laid out step-by-step.

Suggestion-only timeframes for each unit are included, though not organized by "daily lesson," allowing the parent to determine how much time to spend on a particular concept. This Home Instructor's guide may be used for either the 3rd Edition or Primary Math Textbook 1A U.S. Edition. 75 pages, spiral-bound softcover.
This guide contains:

•Notes to the instructor with some mathematical background for each section in the textbook
•Objective of each lesson
•Teaching activities using manipulatives
•Reinforcement activities which often include a game
•Answers to corresponding textbook pages and learning tasks for the lesson
•Answers to the corresponding workbook exercises

The "Manipulatives" section on page vii of this Home Instructor's Guide refers to an appendix. However, the pages for this appendix was inadvertently left out; a link is provided to access the manipulatives section on Singapore Math's website.

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