BJU Press, Science 2 Assessments, 5th Edition, Paperback, Grade 2


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Use these printed BJU Press Science 2 Assessments to quickly and easily evaluate your elementary students learning retention! This test pack features various styles of questions and applying STEM process skills for each student textbook chapter.
Simple to grade with the coordinating Tests Answer Key - sold separately. 
Features include:
- Perforated pages
- Black and white print
- Multiple choice
- Short answer
- Matching
- Critical thinking
Periodic use of these tests helps you as the teacher to know when your student needs to spend additional time in areas where they may need further understanding.
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  • - BJU Press Science 2 Assessments
  • - 5th Edition tests
  • - Grading rubrics
  • - 100 easy tear-out pages
  • - Variety of essential STEM skills
  • - Homeschool Grade 2