CA Gift, Footprints In The Sand Lapel Pin, Gold-tone, 1 x 1/4 inches

  • Brand: CA Gift

SKU: 3706454

For generations, the anonymously authored Footprints poem has impacted the faith of countless believers. If the poem has touched your heart, this lapel pin could be an excellent way to show your love of the poem, while sharing its meaning with those around you. This gold-tone lapel pin features a set of footprints and comes attached to a card with the message:
Footprints in the Sand
Follow the footprints of the Lord,
They will lead you
through troubled times
and brighten your life.
Each day you wear this pin, the missing footprint will be your reminder of the missing set of footprints when Jesus carried you through the dark seasons of life. When anyone asks about the pin, you can share with them the meaning and how it relates to your life.
- Gold-tone lapel pin
- Connecting clasp
- Footprints design