D.M. Merchandising, Black Bear Paw Circle of Friends Pendant Necklace, 16 inch Chain

  • Brand: D.M. Merchandising

SKU: 3741592

Bears may be strong and frightening creatures to some, but they are also known for defending and protecting their cubs. Bears have a strong instinct for family, raising their cubs to be independent. This bear paw necklace can be a way of showing that you plan to be their protect your little one, or just a cute way of giving a gift that lasts longer than a standard bear hug. The brushed sterling silver design features stunning jewels in each of the finger pieces of the paw print. The necklace is packaged in a bear shaped jewelry holder.
- 16 inch chain
- 2 inch extender
- Bear paw design
- Brushed sterling silver finish
- Jewels in the paws