Blackout, by Steffany Gretzinger, CD

  • Artist: Steffany Gretzinger

SKU: 3680725

Steffany Gretzinger got her start performing with the Bethel Worship team. Her first solo album, The Undoing, defined the way she was able to craft her own exceptional worship tunes. Now she is back with Blackout, an album that calls listeners to be the light of the world, during the darkest hours.
"We're living in a blackout." Steffany Gretzinger says. "The day is dark, but the light shines the brightest in the darkness. If there was ever a time for us to shine, it’s now. If we're really going to be The Light Of The World, we have to know who we are in God. It is possible to learn to dance while the tears stream down our faces, to stay connected to the One who made us. If we understand that we are made of light, then we can't be threatened with darkness. I pray as you listen to this album that your insides would stand up, that the light switch inside of you would flip on and stay on."