Glory Song, by Matt Redman, CD

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  • Artist: Matt Redman

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Matt Redman is known for creating songs that inspire worship and reflect a genuine heart of praise and admiration for God. He is part of the team that delivers heartfelt songs at the Passion conference each year. Glory Song is no exception to the lineup of Matt Redman albums. These anthems are sure to inspire a heart of worship and inspire believers in church settings for years to come.


1. All Glory
2. Gospel Song
3. Greatest Hallelujah
4. Gracefully Broken
5. One Day (When We All Get To Heaven)
6. Redemption Ground
7. It Is Finished
8. Questions (You Are Faithful)
9. Still I Will Sing
10. Place Of Praise
11. Hope Is Marching On
12. Simple Pursuit / Glory Song
13. Your Ways