People, by Hillsong United, CD

  • Artist: Hillsong United

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People are the center of our everyday lives. There are people you're doing life with, people you're representing, and it's people you are called to love and reach. Where people come together, united, God commands a blessing, and that's what Hillsong United, and the album People are all about. This project is designed to bring people together from all walks of life, and all circumstances, giving everyone a song to sing. This album is for people. Hillsong United returns to their roots, and demonstrates a full reliance of God and the fact that we are called to look at life through an uncomplicated lens of loving people.



1. Ready Or Not
2. Here's To The One
3. Might Sound Wild
4. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
5. As You Find Me
6. Clean
7. Starts And Ends
8. Highlands (Song Of Ascent)
9. Holy Ground
10. Another In The Fire
11. Good Grace
12. Echoes (Till We See The Other Side)