The All Sons & Daughters Collection, by All Sons & Daughters, CD

  • Artist: All Sons & Daughters

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After seven years, the worship duo All Sons & Daughters, comprised of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, is ending their season as a band. To celebrate the impact this American-folk style worship group has had on Christian communities far and wide, Integrity Music is releasing a collection of music to highlight some of their best songs.
Their focus has always been on the local church. When they first combined their talents, they never anticipated their music would travel beyond Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Their goal was to make songs that would edify their church family.
The decision to step away from the band did not come lightly. As they said in a letter to fans on their own website, "after much prayer and consideration, we have decided that our season as a band has come to an end." They go on to congratulate the fans who have shared in their journey, "we want to say thank YOU for your unending support of the music and content we have created over the past 7+ years. We didn't anticipate many of the opportunities we were given but just tried to walk in obedience through each open door. Many of those doors led us to your cities, neighborhoods, and churches and we are so grateful to you for welcoming us with open arms!"