The Breakup Song, Accompaniment Track, As Made Popular by Francesca Battistelli, CD

  • As Made Popular by: Francesca Battistelli

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Perform the song The Breakup Song in the style of Francesca Battistelli for your church or other special services. This accompaniment track provides the background music so you can piece together a professional performance without training a worship band.
This CD features a demonstration of the original song, plus sing-along versions with and without background vocals so you have options. The sing-along versions are available in high, medium, and low keys so you can find the version that best matches your singing range.


1. Vocal Demonstration
2. High Key (Eb) With Background Vocals
3. High Key (Eb) Without Background Vocals
4. Medium Key (B) With Background Vocals
5. Medium Key (B) Without Background Vocals
6. Low Key (G) With Background Vocals
7. Low Key (G) Without Background Vocals