Native Tongue, by Switchfoot, CD

  • Artist: Switchfoot

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Switchfoot steps beyond their trademark epic soundscapes to explore new textures and themes that reflect this fraught cultural moment with their album Native Tongue. Experience empathy and introspection from the hard-hitting anthemic title track to the more reflective songs such as Prodigal Soul, Joy Invincible, and Voices they urge listeners to "use our lungs for love and not the shadows."
In their impressive career spanning more than 20 years, Native Tongue showcases an inspired work of insight and passion from the band that continues to find strength in our differences and hope in what binds us.


1. Let It Happen
2. Native Tongue
3. All I Need
4. Voices
5. Dig New Streams
6. Joy Invincible
7. Prodigal Soul
8. The Hardest Art [feat. Kaela Sinclair]
9. Wonderful Feeling
10. Take My Fire
11. The Strength To Let Go
12. Oxygen
13. We're Gonna Be Alright
14. You're The One I Want

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