The Elements, by tobyMac, CD

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  • Artist: tobyMac

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The Elements is the first tobyMac album in over 3 years. Fans will be excited to hear these 11 new songs, which includes the chart topping single, I just need U. After all these years, tobyMac still breaks music genres by blending rock, pop, and hip hop. The lyrics on The Elements are a reflection of the real life struggles, faith, and passionate pursuit of God that tobyMac experiences.

"Life has been a little tougher—not tougher, maybe just more complex," tobyMac told Billboard. "Maybe it's family growing up and also looking at our society and what's going on with race relations. It's just trying to fight these elements that are coming at us, trying to keep us from all we're trying to be. This is a really crazy world. Most of the songs are about overcoming the elements, so that's what I wanted to call the record."
1. The Elements
2. I just need U.
3. Scars
4. Everything
5. Starts With Me
6. Edge Of My Seat
7. It's You
8. Horizon (A New Day)
9. Hello Future
10. Overflow
11. See The Light

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