Victorious, by Skillet, CD

  • Artist: Skillet

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Skillet returns with a fresh Christian rock album. While the band has been busy making music, they have also explored creative ventures that push their skills to new levels. Since Unleashed, drummer and vocalist Jen Ledger started a solo project, Ledger. John Cooper decided to explore an edgier sound with his metal band Fight the Fury. Now Skillet reunites to deliver the kind of music they do best together.
"It's the first time that me and Korey [Cooper] produced most of the record ourselves," John Cooper explained. "When I was looking at what we did well on Unleashed, I thought it was a real energizing and fun record to listen to. That's what a great Skillet record is -- songs that make people want to put their fists up in the air at a concert or get them through a run or drive or whatever they are doing. So we set out to make a record that had a lot of emotion to it."
Get ready for a whole new set of songs from the Christian rock band that has stood the test of time. Feel more of the emotion and energetic songs Skillet has packed into their Victorious album.
1. Legendary
2. You Ain't Ready
3. Victorious
4. This Is The Kingdom
5. Save Me
6. Rise Up
7. Terrify The Dark
8. Never Going Back
9. Reach
10. Anchor
11. Finish Line
12. Back To Life

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