War, by Demon Hunter, CD

  • Artist: Demon Hunter

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Demon Hunter is a staple of the Christian metal scene, carrying out transcendent melodies while crafting a defiant heaviness with their music. For nearly two decades, Demon Hunter has maintained a sound their fans still love with lyrics that speak to their faith. For 2019, they are releasing two full-length albums on the same day. War showcases their aggressive heavy side, while Peace highlights their tranquil melodies. The albums are linked by a solid theme:
“War in every breath / Peace in only death.”
War speaks most strongly to long-time Demon Hunter fans eager to hear more of their aggressive metal side. Listen to tracks like On My Side, Ash, and Lesser Gods to see how their sound continues to satisfy with new hooks and heavy music.


1. Cut To Fit
2. On My Side
3. Close Enough
4. Unbound
5. Grey Matter
6. The Negative
7. Ash
8. No Place For You Here
9. Leave Me Alone
10. Lesser Gods