Clean, by Adam Crabb, CD

  • Artist: Adam Crabb

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Adam Crabb got his start singing as part of the Crabb family in the 1990s. In 2007, the family had grown too big to stay in one tour bus, so the siblings broke off into separate music careers. Adam Crabb performed as part of the Gaither Vocal Band before developing his solo career. Clean is his third solo studio album.
"I have a longing to share, and sing these great songs that I grew up singing," Adam Crabb explains what he loves about music. "I want to share this music with the next generation.....the ten year olds, and teens that are searching for something to feed their spirit. The music always breaks down walls. That is when problems are solved and hearts are mended. We live in such an imperfect world and this message of salvation and hope is the answer."
Experience a mix of classics and new originals on Clean.


1. Where I Belong
2. Higher
3. Devil's Hand
4. There is a Healer
5. Champion
6. Clean
7. Love Will Take You Places
8. Well Done My Child
9. Cross Made The Difference
10. Voices
11. War!