A Man Called Jon, DVD

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  • Director: M. Legend Brown
  • Actor: Christian Heep
  • Actor: Sharice Henry Chasi

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A Man Called Jon is a light-hearted comedic drama (dramedy) about Pastor Jon Terrel Carson (Christian Heep) and his unusual style of worship. Jon begins in a very traditional church that's not accustomed to outbursts during service. After embarrassing the church, along with his family, Senior Pastor Stannum (Larry Jack Dotson) reaches out to the Bishop to request that Jon gets assigned to church more suited to his style of praise.
After a mix up with the paperwork, Jon and his family find themselves at a traditionally African American Church. The deaconess Robyn Harris (Sharice Henry Chasi) stands up for Jon and tries to keep him and his family at the church.
When church mother Sadie Johnson (Irma P. Hall) mistakes Jon for a Jehovah's Witness, Jon and his family are moved to a third church, where they once again struggle to fit in. Will Jon be able to contain the celebration he feels within, or will they be moved for a fourth time?

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