Be Still and Know, DVD

  • Director: Brittany Goodwin
  • Actor: Elizabeth Potthast
  • Actor: Kelsey Steele

SKU: 3814399

Sophia (Elizabeth Potthast) and C.J. (Kelsey Steele) have been friends since they were kids. They shared almost everything except their plans for college. They connected over picnicking and catching frogs by the pond on Sophia's grandfather's land. When C.J.'s family leaves for a social climb, the two best friends are separated.
Ten years later C.J. has invited Sophia and two of her preppy college friends, Amber and Jocelyn to join her for a spring break at her late grandfather's country house. Amber and Jocelyn are skeptical about Sophia, while C.J. is conflicted. Will the old friends reconnect over this spring break adventure? Will Amber and Jocelyn learn to accept Sophia?
- 75 minutes
- Directed by Brittany Goodwin
- Stars Elizabeth Potthast, Kelsey Steele, Kelly Bartram, Olivia Arokiasamy, and Jacob Briggs

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