C.T. Studd: Gifted Athlete and Pioneering Missionary, DVD


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C. T. Studd began his life in a position many people only dream about. His wealthy upper-class family in England gave him the drive to study Cambridge University. Before long, he was one of the most revered athletes. Studd eventually realized that fame and flattery would not last. As a Christian he sensed a strong calling to forsake the things of the world, and live for the world to come.
Studd developed a zealous, uncompromising faith that he described as "muscular Christianity." His passion for the gospel led him to spread the message of Jesus Christ to countless individuals, while challenging complacent Christians to be more evangelical. His impact continues today through World Evangelization Crusade (WEC), the mission agency he founded in 1913.
Explore Studd's remarkable life and teaching through these expert interviews and re-enactment scenes with this docu-drama, filmed on location in England and China.
- 48 minutes
- Interviews and re-enactments
- Filmed in England and China
- Captures the story of the founder of World Evangelization Crusade

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