Decision: A Family in Crisis, a Journey of Hope, DVD

  • Director: Thomas Makowski
  • Actor: Natalie Grant
  • Actor: Billy Dean

SKU: 2559334

Ilene Connors (Natalie Grant) is struggling to keep her teenage son Jackson Connors (Michael Rosenbaum) in line after the death of her husband Steven Connors (Billy Dean). In these challenging times she reaches out to her estranged father, Wyatt Johnson (Rusty Whitener) for help.
Wyatt may have his own unconventional parenting methods, but it sends Jackson down a path that could change his life forever. Will Jackson truly learn to apply the life lessons Wyatt offers?
- 90 minutes
- Stars Natalie Grant, Michael Rosenbaum, Billy Dean, and Rusty Whitener
- Directed by Thomas Makowski (WWJD)

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