Miracle Maker: He Taught A Town To Believe, DVD

  • Director: John Lyde
  • Actor: Jake Stormoen
  • Actor: Brian Krause

SKU: 3671245

One little prompting, prepares a town for the miraculous. When they hear that the Miracle Maker is coming, everyone in this small town gets excited. They can't believe the renowned man of wonders would ever visit their small village. When the day finally comes that this humble traveler actually appears, their expectations are shattered. They had anticipated someone who would change their lives forever, but this man can barely take care of himself.
While the inhabitants of this small town are let down, they start to discover that miracles come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes from unexpected places.
Discover a film set in the chaos of the wild west, that reminds families of the magnitude of miracles from unexpected sources.

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