My Daddy's In Heaven, DVD

  • Director: Waymon Boone
  • Actor: Jenn Gotzen
  • Actor: Corbin Bernsen

SKU: 3680675

Becky, Adam, and their 5-year-old daughter Acie appear to be the perfect family. Everything changes from them after a tragic 4th of July celebration claims the life of Adam.
Becky struggles through the grieving process and decides it is time for her to step away from the family farm and the life she had there. She places Acie in the care of her grandfather, Ben, while she visits her old school friend June. While June has the best intentions in mind, she provides Becky with plenty of distractions from her family life. Empowered by her anger at God and her failing faith, Becky turns toward a lifestyle self-destructive decisions.
When Becky is arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Ben threatens to keep Acie until Becky straightens out her life. Remarkably, a chance encounter with a stranger at a bus station sparks a change in Becky's life that might just provide the inspiration she needed all along.

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