Saving Faith, DVD

  • Director: Chip Rossetti
  • Actor: Amy Grant
  • Actor: Victoria Jackson

SKU: 3737996

Faith Scott (Jenn Gotzon) is the Executive Director of the Ritz Theater in the small Tennessee town of Clinton. After struggling to keep the theater open for years, it may be about time to close it down for good. In one last big effort to keep the theater in business, Faith partners with her Uncle Donny (Donny Richmond) to piece together a big Christmas show, in June. Donny uses the connections Faith didn't even know he had to book big time headliners Vince Gill and Amy Grant for the show.
Local business man Peter Marsh (Carey Jones) has been waiting for the Ritz to go under so he could buy it cheap from the bank and sell it to a big time developer. When he hears about the Vince Gil and Amy Grant concert, he knows he must do whatever it takes to ensure the show does not go on.
Can Faith, Uncle Donny, and their friends succeed in keeping this classic theater open, or will it fall into the hands of Peter Marsh?
- 106 minutes
- Special appearance by Amy Grant and Vince Gil
- Directed by Chip Rossetti

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