Steve McQueen: American Icon, DVD

  • Director: Jon Erwin
  • Hosted by: Greg Laurie
  • Narrated by: Gary Sinise

SKU: 3676608

Steve McQueen was one of the most admired movie stars in America in the prime of his life. He appeared like he had everything he could ever want: fame, cars, homes, and a bountiful supply of money.
Journey with pastor Greg Laurie as he travels the country in his mint Mustang (a replica of McQueen's car in Bullitt) in search of the true, untold story of McQueen's final chapters. Discover an amazing story of redemption and true faith.
- 79 minute documentary
- Narrated by Gary Sinise
- Over 30 minutes of bonus content
- Extended interviews with Mel Gibson and Barbara Minty McQueen
- Special message from Greg Laurie
- Behind the scenes look at the original Bullitt car

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