The Mark, DVD

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The international economy is on the verge of collapse. To help the situation, a secret, new technology is about to be announced at the G20 Summit in Berlin.

On a flight from Bangkok to Berlin is Chad Turner (Craig Sheffer), a former soldier who has abandoned his faith, and is now the world’s first test subject for the secret technology — a biometric microchip implanted in his arm capable of monitoring all personal information.

Chad is being chaperoned by Dan Cooper (Eric Roberts), head of the Avanti Corporation, inventors of the microchip. Also on board is the beautiful flight attendant Dao (Sonia Couling) who Chad’s come to know from his travels. Dao provides a welcome ray of light in Chad’s otherwise dark world.

Unknown to them all, a group of mercenaries, lead by Joseph Pike (Gary Daniels), is also on the flight with plans of hijacking the plane and stealing the microchip for their mysterious leader, Philypp Turk (Ivan Kamaras).

But there are more powerful forces at play. The highjacking occurs at the beginning of the Tribulation Period and The Rapture — an end of times event where the true believers in God are taken from Earth and sent to Heaven. And the mark on Chad’s arm from the chip’s implementation is actually the Mark of the Beast.

What was expected to be an ordinary flight overseas turns into an extraordinary mid-air battle between the forces of good and evil. As Chad comes to realize his true purpose in life, he must push his body, mind and soul to the breaking point to save himself and all those on board — and make sure the microchip never falls into the wrong hands.

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