The Chosen: Season 2, DVD

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  • Director: Dallas Jenkins
  • Actor: Jonathan Roumie
  • Actor: Shahar Isaac

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The word is spreading that Jesus is the Messiah. As His fame grows and brings new crowds and more disciples, He also attracts more enemies.

Mary confronts old demons. Tension grows between Simon and Matthew. James and John battle their prejudices with heated tempers. Yet, they all continue to pursue Jesus, while they may not understand Him, they will always follow Him.

You are invited to come and see the second season of the global hit that is reaching tens of millions of people with each new episode. The Chosen continues with a new season introducing more events from the Bible and expounding on the characters that were established in the first season.

Episodes include:

- Thunder
- I Saw You
- Matthew 4:24
- The Perfect Opportunity
- Spirit
- Unlawful
- Reckoning
- Beyond Mountains

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