D&D, Pomegranate Sorbet Wickless Fragrance Cubes, Purple, 2 1/2 ounces

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  • Brand: D&D

SKU: 3734332

Fill your home with the delicious scent of pomegranate, loganberries, cassis, stainwood, and cranberry by dropping a Pomegranate Sorbet Wickless Fragrance Cube into one of our beautiful wax warmers. Soon your home will be infused with an indulgent, fruity aroma. 

These Pomegranate Sorbet wax melts are designed for use with wax warmers, which are sold separately.
  • - Scent of pomegranate, loganberries, cassis, satinwood, and cranberry
  • - Wax Melt will go perfectly in any gift basket for your BFF or loved one!
  • - Use with one of our beautiful wax warmers
  • - 6 scented, reusable wax cubes
  • - 2 1/2 ounces total
  • - Reuse cubes till the scent fades