The Case For Miracles: A Journalist Investigates Evidence For The Supernatural, by Lee Strobel

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  • Author: Lee Strobel

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Is there really a difference between a miracle and a coincidence? One skeptical scientist figured out that the average person likely experiences a one-in-a-million coincidence each month. How can Christians respond to the objections raised by New Atheists who claim that the miraculous is simply impossible. Has science effectively debunked the supernatural?
Lee Strobel applies his signature journalistic style to the topic of miracles as he interviews both skeptics and believers on every aspect of the miraculous. His research led him to China to study the miracles connected with the rapid spread of the Gospel. He reveals the account of a famous evangelical scholar whose theology was transformed over the miracles he couldn't dismiss.
Examine the historical credibility of the Bible's miracles like fulfilled prophecy and the resurrection. Was Jesus truly a miracle worker? What about unanswered prayers? What about Muslims who are experiencing Jesus through their dreams?
Experience a renewed sense of awe and wonder when you witness the miracles God is performing around the globe.

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