The Rock, The Road, And The Rabbi, by Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel

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  • Author: Kathie Lee Gifford
  • Author: Rabbi Jason Sobel

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Kathie Lee Gifford considers herself to be a lifetime student of Scripture. Since she was 17 years old, she has made several trips to Israel to deeper her understanding and faith. In order to attend the first Jerusalem Conference on Biblical Prophecy in 1971, she had to miss her high school graduation.
Continuing that love for this astounding land of faith, The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi explores the decades-long yearning to know and understand more than what is taught at the Sunday School level in churches today.
Since her father was Jewish, Kathie Lee felt a profound connection to the Jewish people and the remarkable Land of the Covenant--Israel.
The pieces finally came together for her when she started reading the original Hebrew and Greek texts and hiked the land with teachers who were able to teach the messianic and rabbinical way.
There is something profound about following the ancient paths and walking in the actual places where Jesus taught, healed, lived, died, was resurrected and ascended into Heaven. Connecting with Jesus through the places where he walked reveals that he is indeed the Rock, the Rabbi whom we should follow on the Road. Our hearts and minds experience radical transformation when we are introduced to the mysteries of the Word by teachers who are actually trained in the ancient rabbinical way.
While Kathie Lee reveals her transformative experience, readers will connect with her teachers along the way: Ray Vander Laan, Rod Van Solkema, and Rabbi Jason Sobel, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi who has been unpacking historical analysis and eye-opening revelations around the world. Discover astonishing pictures of the actual sites, as you read about old and new stories that happened there.
At the close of each chapter Rabbi Sobel presents deeper insight into the Hebrew culture, language, and the means of connection that opens up a new understanding of faith and heritage.

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