Early Learning


Help your children with early learning that is fun and easy with the variety of resources we have selected for you!  You can choose to formally teach your kids or let them learn as they play independently. Increase cognitive skills, coordination, and manners with our Games & Manipulatives and Storytelling products that are great to do as a family or with several of your kid’s friends. Lacing can be done independently once they learn how and builds their eye-hand coordination and dexterity. In our Preschool area we have a variety of infant & toddler books, toys, arts & crafts, coloring & drawing, pretend play props and more to exercise your child’s imagination, creativity, and other skills. Try keeping items stored and set aside then rotate the boxes daily or weekly for continual excitement and interest. Your children love to keep busy and learn something every day, so revisit Mardel often to discover new items and have fun with your kids!