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Mardel's Homeschool Resource Center exists to serve your family and provide quality support, information, and free homeschooling resources.  Take your time and explore the Mardel Homeschool Resource Center, review expert answers to commonly asked questions, and find out why so many parents are opting to homeschool their children. Homeschooling is the single fastest growing educational trend in the United States and  Mardel has watched more and more parents decide to take on the personal responsibility of educating their children. As the number of homeschool families has grown, so has our company and today, we have partnered with leading experts in homeschool education to provide you with the Mardel Homeschool Resource Center.

 Learn how to assess your child’s learning style with the Student Learning Style Assessment. Determine a suitable teaching method with the Teaching Method Assessment. Select the most effective homeschool curriculum available to suit your child’s needs with the Curriculum Explorer. Review your State's Homeschool Regulations.

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The 3C's of successful Homeschooling

by Lori Hatcher on 03/10/2014

While pioneer homeschoolers managed to educate their children on lonely farms in obscure places using bootleg curriculum harvested from public school trash bins, today’s homeschoolers enjoy a richer educational climate than ever before. We can successfully homeschool our children because of the three C’s – Calling, Community, and Curriculum.

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Sensory Integration Issues

by Dianne Craft on 03/10/2014

Many times a child who appears to have great difficulty with focusing and attending to a task is really struggling with a sensory processing problem. The child's sensory system is not functioning correctly, resulting in errant signals. An example of this would be a malfunctioning sensory system that shouts 'pain,' when a tag on a shirt touches the skin. Another example is when a child covers his ears at fairly minor unexpected sounds, because the sensory system is giving the errant signal that the sound is too loud. This child is not just distracted by their outside environment, but is distracted by their inside environment as well.

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The Right Brain Learner Stuck in a Left Brain Curriculum

by Dianne Craft on 03/10/2014

You may have noticed that your children have totally different learning styles. Your left brain child tends to like workbooks and working on their own. The right-brainer, on the other hand, likes discussion, prefers projects to workbooks and tends to be a little higher maintenance during the school day, requiring more of your interaction time.

Since most curriculum teaches in a more left brain manner, focusing on auditory and sequential aspects, as well as writing, our children who are more right brain learners often feel left out, and even struggle with learning and retaining material using this same curriculum. Once we have identified the right-brainer who is struggling because they are stuck in a left brain curriculum, then we can tweak our teaching process to help these right brain children get in touch with the 'smart part of themselves.'

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