Language Arts

Your students can have fun while learning Language Arts skills each year from Preschool, Elementary, Middle School through High School and on into adulthood. Language Arts is simply a broad term involving several different aspects that teach students healthy communication skills. By adulthood, our goal is to be able to communicate well through writing, listening, speaking and reading comprehension skills. Beginning with phonics and the alphabet children learn to read. From there kids learn English & grammar which involves handwriting, spelling, punctuation, parts of speech, verb tenses, sentence types and more. Add in reading comprehension and building critical thinking skills through reading and deciphering good literatureVocabulary comes along naturally as we all want to understand what a word means and how to properly use it. The writing process involves proper sentence and paragraph structure as well as engaging creative thinking. Enjoy shopping our variety of supplemental workbooks, study guides, and manipulatives for added practice for your students as well as our core homeschool curriculum and online courses for your Language Arts needs today!