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Whether you are packing up to move, crafting, decorating or just trying to keep it together—we have your tape! With original or decorative duct tape, Gorilla tape or clear packing tape, we make your move easy. Our large selection of Washi tapes range in size from ½” x 30’ to ¾” x 20’ and add fun and excitement to your craft project or journaling time.  Washi tape is amazing and offers the same trusted quality and durability of original silver duct tape, but the smaller size and decorative designs make it handy for detailing, scrapbooking, embellishing and other craft projects. Feel free to embellish and decorate your journal- really make it your own. Since it is easy to tear and reposition, the possibilities are endless! We also have double-sided and poster tapes-that are great when you need to hang things but don’t want the tape to show.  There is also office tape, dispensers and refills so when you need to hang it, craft it, move it or just keep it together—we have your tape!