KJV Holy Bible, Larger Print, Paperback

  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson

SKU: 3674033

Share the Word of God with new believers, seekers, or anyone who may need a new Bible. This low price King James Version Bible features a larger print for easier reading. Beneficial for those with vision impairments who may be struggling to read a normal print Bible, this one contains a 10.5-point type. The paperback binding helps to keep the cost low so you can use this Bible as part of your outreach ministry.
The Plan of Salvation and 30-Days with Jesus Reading Plan make this wonderful resource for new believers. Keep extras on hand in your church, or take them along for mission trips.
This King James Version Bible uses the easy-to-read KJV Comfort Print. This smooth font makes it easy to read over a long period of time without experiencing reader fatigue. Open up your Bible and stay for a while.
- Complete KJV text
- 10.5-point type, larger print
- KJV comfort print
- Plan of salvation
- 30-Days with Jesus reading plan

The King James Version has a long-standing reputation, and is one of the oldest English translations still being read today. Widely used by conservative Protestants, the KJV is published at a 12th grade reading level. For more information on the different Bible translations, view our Bible Translation Guide.