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Account for Church, Private School or Business - In Store Only

Complete the application. Application must be signed by the appropriate person in administration of your organization.

Provide two trade references. Please do not enter individuals, banks, utilities, credit cards, Office Max, Office Depot, or Wal-Mart. They do not share credit information. Suggested trade references include: denominational publisher, local florist, local office supply, or local bookstore. References should be places with which you have a net 30 account.

Application must be signed by appropriate person in authority.

If tax exempt, please include state sales tax exempt form AND a completed long form. To obtain a long form go to, click on state & print.

Please submit the two forms above and the application via email, fax (405-745-1412), or mail to Mardel - 7727 SW 44th Street - Oklahoma City, OK 73179.


Online Tax Exempt Purchases

Public School, Private School, Business or Church:

To place an order as a tax exempt customer, we have a two steps you must complete. First, set up an account with the email address you will use for ordering. Next, email your tax exempt certificate and the email associated to your account to before placing an order to ensure a smooth process. You will receive email confirmation once your exempt status is verified. After which, you may begin placing orders that are exempt from sales tax.

IMPORTANT: The billing address for any exempt order must match the information on the tax exempt certificate. The shipping address can be any of your choosing. Please remember to log in with your registered account each time when placing orders.

Please contact with any questions.