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How to Get Mardel to Carry A Product or Book

Due to the large volume of samples we receive, we no longer accept product submission requests mailed directly to our corporate office. In order for our Buyers to have access to the information, you can leave Your name, number, email, your title or product description on the Product Submission Line 405-518-6900.

How to Request a Book/CD Signing

Please note the following guidelines:

  • We must carry the title first.

  • No consignment events will be scheduled at our store locations.

  • We must allow 6-8 weeks out for scheduling an event.

  • Book/CD signings must be agreed upon by the author, store manager, and corporate office

  • Book/CD signings will not exceed 3 hours.

  • No book/CD signings will be scheduled on Sunday as we are closed.

To request a book/CD signing, e-mail a request to Please indicate the following in your initial contact:

  • Author's/Artist's name

  • Title of book/CD

  • Name of publisher/label

  • Name of distributer(s)

  • Number of books/CDs sold in the last 60 days

  • Store locations (online included) where your product is available

  • Number of products sold at previous signing events (if applicable)

  • Mardel store location (or area) desired for the event

  • Author's/Artist's connection or following to the area

  • Author's/Artist's plan to self-promote the event

  • Month or day author/artist would like the event