Tax Exempt Long Forms

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In order to apply for your tax exempt card for in-store purchases only, please take a copy of your state issued tax exemption document along with your state’s Long Form on your next Mardel store visit. Your state’s Long Form can be found below and printed off. If you live in one state but shop in another, you must have documentation for the state you shop in to obtain a tax exempt card.

Tax Exempt Cards FAQs

Do I have to get a tax exempt card?

• No, but if you do not get a card you will be required to provide tax exempt documentation for every transaction.

Will my tax exempt card expire?

• Yes. Expiration is set to a maximum of three (3) years but could be shorter based on the exemption period designated by the issuing taxing authority.

Do I have to fill out a form for every tax exempt transaction? 

• Yes. Unless you opt to get a Mardel tax exempt card. In some instances, you will also be required to provide additional proof of exemption.

What is the benefit of a tax exempt card?

• Tax exempt cards provide a more efficient way to validate tax exempt status during checkout and requires paperwork to be filled out only once (until card expires).

Can I get more than one tax exempt card for my business/organization?

• Yes. If you need more than ten (10) cards, you may contact our Corporate Office at 405-745- 1300.

For State Specific Requirements Please Contact Your Local Store.