Get Ready! Multiplication Facts: Gr. 3-4

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It looks like a notepad but acts like a math tutor! This Little Get Ready! Book has been developed to help third and fourth graders learn and review multiplication skills. Plus, it's the perfect size to fit in a backpack or tote for take-along learning fun! Included in this book are multiplication facts through 12, step-by-step examples of multiplying by zero, the definitions of multiplication terms, practice using arrays to find the products of equations, and more. When your child opens a Little Get Ready! Book, he or she will discover a place where fun and learning come together.

Fun Features & Benefits

• Unique tablet format

• 48 pages of activities

• Tear-out pages for individual worksheets

• Convenient 5 ½” X 9” size

• A great value!

Skills: multiplication; multiplication facts through 12; arrays; multiplication definitions; estimation; rounding; regrouping

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