GeoCentral, Hatch em Turtle Egg, Ages 6 Years and Older

  • Brand: GeoCentral

SKU: 3819984

Conduct a fun experiment as you hatch a turtle from an egg with this Hatch’ems™ Turtle Egg from GeoCentral. Observe the process from egg to turtle pet in 24 hours!
Instructions are easy to follow. Simply submerge the egg in a container of water. Within 12-24 hours the egg shell will crack and break. At this time the turtle pet will begin to hatch. It is important to always make sure the egg is completely submerged, so if the water level is low just add more water. Once the pet has broken out of the shell it will continue to grow even bigger if left in water. After a few days of not being in the water, it will shrink down. Once you place it back in water it will begin to grow! Repeat the process and watch it grow again and again! Be sure to order yours today!
  • - Hatch’ems™ Turtle Egg by GeoCentral
  • - Easy to follow instructions
  • - Submerge in water to begin the process
  • - Shell breaks within 12-24 hours 
  • - Watch it grow again and again
  • - Recommended for ages 6 years and older