Loyola Press, Henle First Year Latin 1 Text, Paperback, Grades 8-Adult

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  • Author: Robert J. Henle
  • Author: S. J. Henle

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Teach Latin the traditional way with this Henle First Year Latin 1 Text originally published by Loyola Press in 1945! This text contains a limited simple vocabulary of 500 words plus exercises and readings. Students in grades 8 through adults can master latin grammar without being overwhelmed. Repetitious Latin phrases and basic syntax produce mastery and confidence rather than frustration. 

This organized text enables students to handle simple readings and translations. Students can also relate to the Christian and classical content. Exercises and readings teach Roman and American history, the difference between pagan and Christian worldviews, plus the difference between the virtues of the natural man and Christian people.
Time-tested and teacher endorsed, the Henle Latin series is a comprehensive program designed to lead students systematically through the fundamentals of the language itself and on to an appreciation of selected classic texts.
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  • - Loyola Press Henle First Year Latin 1 Text
  • - 514 page paperback 
  • - Teach Latin the traditional way with this text originally published in 1945
  • - Features 500 vocabulary words plus exercises and readings
  • - Corresponds with Henle Latin Grammar sold separately
  • - For grades 8-Adult

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