Master Books, Jensen's Vocabulary Textbook, by Frode Jensen, Paperback, Grades 10-12

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  • Brand: Master Books
  • Author: Frode Jensen

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Jensen's Vocabulary makes this subject understandable and enjoyable! Organized lessons equip your high schooler to read, write, decipher new words, and understand meaning. Students will discover how prefixes, suffixes, and roots fit together while learning over 1,000 valuable words from Greek and Latin roots.
This easy-to-follow, comprehensive language arts textbook includes a suggested weekly schedule, reviews, tests, and answer keys.
Removable reference charts plus hands-on practice exercises enhance the direct and to-the-point quality lessons. In just 30 minutes-a-day with systematic instruction, your student will learn to communicate more clearly and concisely through their new extensive vocabulary. This is an essential, life long communication skill!
Features include:
- Updated language
- Perforated, 3-hole punched pages
- Step-by-step instructions
- Practical lessons
- 30-45 minutes-a-day
- Engaging worksheets 
- Removable reference charts
- Equipping students for over 20 years
This 356-page paperback worktext counts towards a high school language arts credit course. Four course options allow your student to complete this course in 1-2 years. Permission is granted to reproduce pages for a homeschool family or small classroom up to 10 students.
A suggested sequence is to use Jensen's Grammar for 8th grade, Punctuation for 9th grade, Vocabulary for 10th grade, and Format Writing and DVD for grades 11-12 (flexible to be used in one or two years). 
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  • - Master Books, Jensen's Vocabulary Textbook, Paperback
  • - Quality textbook guide to read, write, decipher new words, and understand meaning
  • - Flexible one to two year high school language arts credit course 
  • - Easy-to-follow, focused lessons with Greek and Latin roots
  • - Includes suggested schedule, lessons, reviews, tests, and answer keys
  • - For grades 9-12 in homeschool, classroom, learning center, co-op, and tutoring