Modern Grace, Preach It Sister Wire Wrap Bracelet, Iron & Zinc Alloy, Silver

  • Brand: Modern Grace

SKU: 3683695

When you get passionate about your faith, it can be difficult to stop you. Who would want to? Your best friends will encourage you to share what God is doing in your life. This silver-tone bracelet features a cross on the hook clasp, a reminder of what Jesus has done, and a token printed with the message:
Preach It
Each time you see the cross alongside this token, it will be your reminder to preach the cross wherever you go. You never know who needs to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ.
Modern Grace jewelry is packaged in a sturdy, pink, cardboard box. The bottom portion of the box features a shimmering pink geometric pattern. The top is simply printed with the brand: Modern Grace. Pull the silky ribbon to open the box for a touch of graceful, modern jewelry.
- Wire wrap bracelet
- Preach it sister message
- Hook clasp with cross
- 65% iron 35% zinc alloy