Willow Tree, Sister Mine Figurine, Resin, 4 inches

  • Brand: Willow Tree
  • Designed by: Susan Lordi

SKU: 3663721

Sisterhood is like a friendship you are born into. There are obstacles and battles that get in the way of your relationship with your sister, but nothing can detract from the fact that you have been on this journey of life with your sister for so long. Celebrate the blessing of your sister with this hand carved resin Willow Tree figurine.
This mini figurine displays two sisters seated on a pedestal hugging. You can see with the way they hold each other that a lasting bond is forming. In tilt of their heads you could imagine they are sharing secrets, passing on wisdom, or enjoying an inside joke.
I have two little granddaughters," artist Susan Lordi explains. "One minute they’re squabbling over a toy or jostling for attention, and the next minute, they’re hugging and kissing each other. It’s a constant back and forth of friend and foe. I’m watching them forge a relationship that will last all their lives. I hope my granddaughters develop the closeness that I’ve always enjoyed with my two sisters. There’s nothing like the love of a sister. It grows out of a shared history of funny, stormy, trying, joyful experiences… creating the foundation on which every strong relationship is built.”
- 4 inch hand-painted resin
- Figurine celebrating the friendship of sisters
- Excellent for gift giving or collecting