A Hundred Highways, by Zach Williams, CD

  • Artist: Zach Williams

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Zach Williams returns with A Hundred Highways, an album that puts his faith on full display. "This record feels more like me than anything else I've done," Williams shares with CCM Magazine. “It’s the most ‘Zach’ record I’ve made. I wasn’t concerned about if it fits in any certain pocket, I just wrote about my life experiences and the things I’m feeling and living.”

His earlier albums, Chain Breaker and Rescue Story sang of redemption and God's love. A Hundred Highways takes a more personal path to sing about redemption lived out, forgiveness explored, and a deep love for his wife and family. All of the songs on this CD offer a true reflection of a man who's found a Savior and is never letting go.

1. Big Tent Revival
2. Up There Down Here
3. Sunday's Comin'
4. Heart of God
5. Like a Billy Graham Revival
6. Jesus' Fault - Zach Williams and Walker Hayes
7. Praise Opens Prisons
8. Lookin' for You
9. That'll Preach
10. I Got You
11. Love is a Battleground
12. Holy Rollin'
13. Flesh and Bone (We Remember)
14. Far Too Good to a Man Like Me
15. Plan For Me

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