Look Up Child, by Lauren Daigle, CD

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  • Artist: Lauren Daigle

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Lauren Daigle follows up her successful 2015 release, How Can It Be, with her second full-length studio album, Look Up Child. Continuing the pop and worship blend of music, this album is gaining interest with the hit song You Say.
"I want this to be such a record of joy, such a record of hope, that people experience a childlikeness again," Lauren Daigle told Jim Asker of Billboard. "In the time of making this record, I had to remember who I was as a child. I want people to reflect on, 'The innocence of my childhood … how do I see myself through those eyes again? How do I love myself like that again? Where's that joy? Where's that hope?'"
- 13 tracks
- Lauren Daigle's second full-length studio album
- Includes the hit song You Say
1. Still Rolling Stones
2. Rescue
3. This Girl
4. Your Wings
5. You Say
6. Everything
7. Love Like This
8. Look Up Child
9. Losing My Religion
10. Remember
11. Rebel Heart
12. Inevitable
13. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

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