New Today, by Micah Tyler, CD

  • Artist: Micah Tyler

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We are not promised tomorrow, so the best we can ever do is make the most of today. Micah Tyler faced some real struggles and setbacks recently that led him to embrace the new mercies God has for us each day, despite the struggles and hardships we may face.

"This past year as my family had to rebuild a home damaged by a hurricane, support my brother as he walked through a life threatening battle with cancer, and just encounter the everyday struggles that life offers us sometimes, I found myself feeling unworthy to keep asking the Lord for help," Micah Tyler explains. "I kept telling myself, if I can just make it until tomorrow, maybe I'll be good enough to feel okay. The thing about tomorrow is that it's always a day away... Today always had its hardships, its trials, and its defeats... But after reading Lamentations 3:21-23, I was reminded that we're promised His mercy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It's not whatever was left over from yesterday and it's not waiting on us tomorrow: it's here. New Today is a prayer that I would see God's mercies and find joy. That my joy would lead me to love Him more and that loving Him more would lead me to bring more glory to His"

Go on a musical journey with Micah Tyler, as he delivers songs about the new mercies we can find each and every day.

2. New Today
3. By Name
4. Welcome To The Family
5. Life Up Ahead
6. A Boy and His Guitar
7. Walking Free
8. Without Love
9. What Mercy Did For Me
10. Love Lifted Me Up
11. My God Fights For Me

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