Into The Mystery, by NEEDTOBREATHE, CD


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In the fall of 2020, NEEDTOBREATHE quietly retreated away to a recording studio in Columbia, Tennessee. Working with co-producer and engineer, Konrad Snyder and special guests, they spend weeks crafting an album that was born out of reflective moments, yet separate from all expectations, even their own. They even filmed their recording process for an Into The Mystery documentary.

“Probably more than any other record of ours, it was a product of what was going on in the world and our environment," NEEDTOBREATHE shared about Into The Mystery. "We didn’t second guess ourselves much or look over our shoulders. Even the spirit of the record was a result of the moment. You can hear everybody’s personality and imprint. It felt like we got this opportunity to make a record like a family.”

1. What I'm Here For
2. Into The Mystery
3. Sunshine
4. Carry Me (feat. Jon Foreman of Switchfoot)
5. I Am Yours
6. Chances
7. Sittin’ In The Backseat
8. Give Me A Chance
9. Don't Throw All The Good Things Away (feat. Natalie Hemby)
10. Innocence
11. I Wanna Remember (feat. Carrie Underwood)
12. West Texas Wind

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