Do You Believe, DVD

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Do you believe that lives can change, that love can heal, that faith is worth the fight? Do you believe in the power of the cross?

When Matthew Wesley has a very abrupt encounter with a homeless man carrying a cross on the street in the middle of the night, it starts a series of life-changing stories spinning into motion.
Each story tells a piece of a greater picture:
- Boby & Elena Wilson, struggle to make ends meet
- Carlos, Elena's brother, just returned from military service and can't acclimate himself back into life
- Samantha Matheson is homeless and searching to find a better life for her daughter, Lily
- Joe Phillips, an intimidating, brawny convict is secretly fighting for his life
- JD & Teri Newton, an elderly couple, lost their daughter years ago and are still paralyzed with grief
- Kriminal, 40 Ounce & Pretty Boy are street thugs who terrorize the neighborhood
- Maggie, a pregnant 16 year old was kicked out of her house and is about to end it all
These stories of desperation, all spiral together into one climactic wreck, where each must work together or all will be lost.

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