The Chosen: Season 3, DVD

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All 12 disciples face new fears and entrenched, old ways when Jesus sends them on their first mission. But each faces his own unique burden, too: Matthew’s estrangement from family, Little James’ unhealed disability, Simon Z’s unresolved past, and Simon and Eden’s marriage crisis— just to name a few.

Meanwhile, newcomers like Veronica and Jairus desperately seek Jesus for relief from crushing crises and heavy-handed authorities, religious and Roman. Thousands ultimately converge on Jesus, first to argue then to listen. But as His preaching extends to the next day, they find themselves in a new predicament—far from home, famished, and without any food to eat.

Until a little boy with five loaves and two fishes shows up…

You are invited to come and see the second season of the global hit that is reaching tens of millions of people with each new episode. The Chosen continues with a new season introducing more events from the Bible and expounding on the characters that were established in the previous seasons.

Episodes include:

- Homecoming
- Two By Two
- Physician, Heal Yourself
- Clean, Part 1
- Clean, Part 2
- Intensity in Tent City
- Ears to Hear
- Sustenance

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