The Coming Convergence, DVD

  • Director: Brent Miller Jr
  • Contribution by: Erin Hawkins

SKU: 3660313

Could we really know the when the end times begin?
Jesus criticized the religious leaders of his time for not knowing the time of His first arrival. Will the final generation make the same mistake regarding the second coming? The Bible mentions a series of specific global events that have never occurred before ushering in the end, but is this based on fact or fiction? Through new geological and statistical information, a convergence of these events has now been revealed that many believe proves the Tribulation is about to begin.
- 104 minutes
- Interviews with Kade Hawkins, Ray Bentley, Douglas Hamp, Tom Hughes, Brent Miller Sr, and Jack Hibbs
- Explores unfolding end-times prophecies
- Directed by Brent Miller Jr

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