The Chosen: Season 1, Blu-ray

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  • Director: Dallas Jenkins
  • Actor: Jonathan Roumie
  • Actor: Shahar Isaac

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You have seen mini-series and movies capture the story of the life of Jesus before. Now The Chosen delivers a multi-season drama about the life of Christ. Zoom in and focus on the lives of the people Jesus encountered and watch how their lives were impacted through this unique storytelling.
Dallas Jenkins, the creator of the show and son of novelist Jerry B. Jenkins, told the Christian Post, "I think the style of the show is such that it doesn't feel like it's formal or staged, or emotionally distant. So I think people who aren't even necessarily believers can still appreciate it, because I think they're interested to see stories about these people who lived 2000 years ago."
Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays Jesus, explained what makes this show different to the Christian Post, "“I think what makes us different is that we have time to explore the lives of these people that lived with Christ. And we're not coming from a specifically denominational point of view, which is what I think has been one of the biggest draws is that people from all over, even agnostics and atheists, it's the story first.”
Watch the first season of The Chosen to see a new take on how Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, Peter, Matthew, and others were impacted by Jesus. This first season covers the healing of Mary Magdalene, the calling of the first disciples, the wedding in Cana, and the conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus.
Episodes include:
- The Shepherd
- I Have Called You By Name
- Shabbat
- Jesus Loves The Little Children
- The Rock On Which It Is Built
- The Wedding Gift
- Indescribable Compassion
- Invitations
- I Am He

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